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Students also need to practice soft skills as a means of facing the post-campus world later, such as the ATS CV and interview skills. As a result, the upgrading members are here this time to deepen the soft skill development of AIChE ITS SC members, not only in preparation for entering the world of work, but also in how to apply them in the world of lectures so that the benefits are properly felt. The Upgrading Member this time was held on January 21, 2023, via the Zoom platform and was filled in by two presenters, namely, Narendra Yudha Aditama, who presented ATS CV material, and Nidya Ahmadya Rosalin, who presented Skill Interview material.

Mr Naren, as the first speaker, conveyed several things regarding the curriculum vitae, including the difference between a CV and a resume, where a CV is made in detail while a resume is concise, the use of a CV and also a resume, as well as the content that needs to exist, and finally how to make a good CV. Additionally, presenters review participant ATS CVs. Meanwhile, Ms. Nidya, the second speaker, conveyed several things about the interview, including the definition of the interview itself, where the interview can be likened to a first date because it shows the initial impression, the type of interview based on its form, and also interviews in the professional world and how to prepare for an interview properly. In addition, Ms. Nidya also conveyed the things that need to be done during the interview, namely by implementing the STAR method, showing good etiquette, and using tips and tricks when undergoing interviews.

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