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We all know that the knowledge we got in class is not enough to cover our needs. As a student, seeking a new skill is a must especially in this new era, Industry 5.0. Industry 5.0 comprises how people will be working alongside robots and smart equipment. Robots have often executed dangerous, monotonous, or physically demanding work, such as welding in automotive factories or loading and unloading heavy materials in warehouses. As Industry 5.0 proliferates in manufacturing environments, we can expect to see the delegation of far more complex tasks.

In order to prepare the future career, the department of Professional Development AIChE ITS SC has conducted a webinar with the theme “What Software Needs to be Mastered in Facing Industry 5.0”. The material was presented by an Operations Support Specialist at PT Badak NGL, Mr.Mochammad Arief Hidayat. Inspirational Class was attended by 74 participants where they also done a quiz session to test their understanding towards the topic. If you missed the class but wanted to dive deeper regarding the topic, don’t worry because you can access the material review at ITS News page.

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