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A chemical engineering student certainly has a goal when he graduates. There are various fields of work that are targeted by a chemical engineering student. One field of work that is often heard is as a process engineer.

Based on the high curiosity of students about this field of work, the department of external affairs AIChE ITS SC presented a discussion with the theme Industrial oriented discussion 1.0 “Get to Know About Process Engineers and Preparing Careers Toward Bio Industries” by presenting 2 speakers from PT CHEIL JEDANG INDONESIA, Ibnu Wiryanto as Department Head Refinery at PT Cheil Jedang and Mochamad Saifudin as HR and Service manager at PT Cheil Jedang.

The discussion received approximately 40 ​​participants where participants gained insight into the role of process engineers, especially in the BIO industry and there was a student LinkedIn review session from speaker Mochamad Saifudin

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