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University is a place for college students to seek and develop their interests and talents, both hard skills and soft skills through various experiences so that they are able to compete and innovate in the industrial world in the future. Not only focusing on developing skills but how to build an image in an all-digital era. Moreover, all aspects currently being introduced digitally to the urgency in developing digital marketing skills. Digital marketing is a marketing activity or promotion of a product or activity using digital media, such as websites, applications, social media, and similar media.

On 19th November 2022, AIChE’s Media and Branding Department held a Creative Class 1.0 with Ms. Clara Lourdessa Oryza Emmanuella, Co-Lead Organizer at TEDxITS 2022. This event was held to improve and develop digital marketing skills in order to build an image on social media. The topic raised in this webinar was “Transform Your Event Branding into Digital Marketing”. This event reached participants of various ages and backgrounds who were excited to know about digital marketing.

This webinar discussed about difference between Marketing and branding, how to build a brand especially in social media, and how to develop marketing strategy. There’s also a practical example to differentiate between branding and Marketing.

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