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As we know that long distance communication is a difficult yet urgent thing to do, especially because of which is limiting physical human interaction and it’s more prone to missunderstanding. Due to all of these factors, people require to attend online platform to communicate in a formal manner. Therefore, external affairs of AIChE ITS SC held a program to establish good relations with AIChE SC around the world called “International Leap”. This program is held online on a platform called “Google meet”. By holding this program, AIChE ITS SC can get to know, deepen the relation, and exchange not only related to the organization, but also regarding the culture and its uniqueness of each country.

On the 16th of June 2022, AIChE’s External Affairs Department organized a social event between the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology AIChE Student Chapter from Indonesia and the Vellore Institute of Technology Student Chapter from India. This event was held as a social event aimed to help each student chapter to get to know each other in hopes to collaborate with an event one day.

The main agenda for this event is a presentation presented by each other student chapter’s representative. ITS SC’s presentation was presented by Octavia Cahyani and UFRJ SC’s presentation was presented mostly by Aleena Thomas. The presentation consists of their respective AIChE departments and their country’s famous cultures and cuisines.

Each presentation lasted roughly 20 minutes and was followed by a Question and Answer session after both parties had presented. During the Q&A session, participants had lots of fun talking about each other’s holidays, entertainment culture, and cuisine, for example Bollywood, India’s famous food. etc. After the QnA session, it’s entering the photo session and after that the participants exchanging their social media account and finished by everyone saying gratitude and their hopes for another meeting in other occasions.

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