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Oil and gas company is one of the companies that students dream of, especially in the Chemical Engineering department. Knowledge related to the companies can be obtained from various sources such as the internet, interview, and company visit. The goal of AIChE ITS SC’s External Affairs Department is to provide a company visit experience for its members and public which has resulted in its collaboration with Baker Hughes in the Plant Visit 2022 event with the theme of “Exploring Baker Hughes: World’s Leading Service Company.” The event aims to introduce a large industry of oil and gas sector, namely Baker Hughes, to the participant virtually.

Because of the pandemic situation, this event is required to be carried out online via Zoom Meeting on Saturday, May 14, 2022, with two presenters from Baker Hughes. Before entering to the material, a Pre-Test was conducted to check the participants’ understanding which was then continued by giving the material.

The first material presented by Syahipul Rachman Hidayat as the Resources Management Specialist at Baker Hughes who focused on introducing Baker Hughes in general. This introduction included roles, profiles, work cultures, career insights, and experiences from the speaker. In this session, participants could watch a short video about Baker Hughes to satisfy their vision about the company. Then, in the second session, Masita Fardini Akbarina, a Drilling Applications Engineer at Baker Hughes, discussed more about drilling such as the scope of work,  general understanding, technology used, and speaker’s personal experience.

After the two materials had been delivered, participants were allowed to ask questions directly or through the Slido application, which would be answered directly by the two speakers. At this event, a Post-Test was also held in the form of Kahoot games to test the participants’ abilities after participating in the 2022 Plant Visit activity. This activity was done very well where participants showed their activeness and the material presented was very impressive.

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