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In this pandemic era, especially in Surabaya, many people were being affected. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), pandemic is declared when the disease is spread around the world. The condition of pandemic not only impacts on health, but also economic and social for Surabayans. Pandemic is also damaging on the increasing number of low-income people (MBR) in Surabaya. Based on the data from Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS), on January 26th 2022, low-income people in Surabaya, East Java reached 1,085,588 people with a total of 383,208 families.

Therefore, the Outreach and Philanthropy department of AIChE ITS SC held AIChE Charity Event (ACE) program with the concept of providing donations in the form of basic necessities and supplements to the affected communities in Surabaya. The ACE program was held with the hope that the assistance provided will benefit the surrounding community. In addition, the implementation of this program is to increase the students’ social sensitivity and build a positive image of AIChE ITS SC towards outsiders.

The activity began with the sale and collecting donation starting from September 19th 2021 to May 26th 2022. After that, there was a symbolic delivery of necessities to the Aisyah Tong Mariyam Orphanage on Saturday, May 28th 2022 at 12.30-13.30 p.m. The activity was begun by the greetings from the management of Aisyah Tong Mariyam Orphanage Ustadz Fikri. Then, it was continued with a speech from the person in charge, Kharisma Alam and a speech from the president of AIChE ITS SC 2021/2022, Octavia Cahyani. Lastly, we did a prayer led by Ustadz Fikri as a closing, and continued with documentation.

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