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ATOM or AIChE Talk on Microphone is a podcast program about tips and tricks for dealing with final year college life as well as short sharing sessions and messages delivered to Chemical Engineering students. This podcast will be uploaded to the Official Account of AIChE ITS SC (Instagram and Spotify). Our goal is to facilitate Chemical Engineering students and readers or listeners of the ITS SC AIChE Official Account (Instagram and Spotify) to find out and prepare for final year life and the post-campus world as well as to grow the competitiveness of Chemical Engineering students from the first year to the third year.

In this second episode, we talk about the “Daily Life Program in Internships” which includes soft skills, hard skills, and experiences as an intern with our outstanding speaker, Tetuko Muditoaji Kartodirdjo, who works at Global FMCG Company, Danone, as a Manufacturing Intern. Now, he is in Specialized Nutrition or more specifically in the branding and packaging department. He also shared that Danone has been divided into two business units, Danone Waters (such as Aqua, Mizone, and Vit) and Danone Specialized Nutrition (such as SGM, Bebelac, and Nutrition Royal). His work in the formula milk industry has two processes (dry and wet processes). The wet process is more of a phase change process (like liquid to solid in powder form) which goes through stages such as pasteurization, sterilization, and spray drying. While the dry process is more about mixing all the components so that they can be in good form and can be packaged.

In his work, the courses that are most closely related to chemical engineering are Chemical Engineering Principles, which are related to how to handle by-product cases with a mass balance, and Chemical Plant Safety which is related to safety aspects, such as how to handle materials that are considered hazardous and how to prioritize safeties during work. He also learned several soft skills while doing this internship, namely the ability to adapt to dynamic changes in the work environment, skills in solving problems that occur in the field, and the ability to communicate effectively.

Of course, this internship had lived up to his expectations. He becomes more confident, has better communication, knows how to solve and analyze cases, and learns to be responsible with his work. He advised us not to be afraid of failure because failure tells us our strengths and weaknesses. Also, in this internship, he gets to know about the real-life work environment and improves career prospects when applying for jobs.O

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