In this modern era, technology has developed rapidly and supports all sectors of life, including the professional field. Humans in this era must be able to keep up with technological developments by mastering and proficient in various software as the initial stage to realize innovation, especially in the professional field. Therefore, software training is very important, especially for students as a provision to face competition in the world of work and as a bridge to achieve innovation.

On 24 October 2021, AIChE’s Professional Development department organized software training with Mr. Mochamad Arief Hidayat as speaker. This event was conducted as a platform for engineering students to improve their knowledge about the Python program, how to install it, also the term and formulas for doing this program. This training lifts the topic “Introduction to Python Program for Chemical Engineers”. This event got 75++ registrants with different background studies from all over the world.

The event started with an opening then continued with a material session delivered by Mr. Arief containing an introduction to Python programs along with some frequently used applications. In addition, Mr. Arief also provided information on matters related to the Python program, as well as conducting simulations and case studies directly using the Google Colab online application. After that, a QnA session was held for participants and conducted documentation before the event was closed by the MC.

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