Human communication between countries is a difficult thing that requires humans to meet face to face online. Therefore, External Affairs Department of AIChE ITS SC held a program to establish good relations with other AIChE SCs around the world called “International Leap”. This program is held through Zoom Meeting platform. By conducting this program, AIChE ITS SC can get to know and exchange knowledge about the culture and work programs of other AIChE SCs.

On the 16th of October, AIChE’s External Affairs Department organized a social event between the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology AIChE Student Chapter from Indonesia and the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires Student Chapter from Argentina. This event was held as a social event aimed to help each Student Chapter to get to know each other in hopes to collaborate with an event one day.

The main activity of this event was a presentation by the President from both Student Chapters. The ITS SC presentation was delivered by Octavia Cahyani while the ITBA SC presentation was delivered by Francisco Koch and then continued by Julian Martin. The presentations covered the departments of each SC AIChE, well-known cultures in Indonesia and Argentina, as well as each organization’s plans for the future. We had fun and learned how to say greetings from different languages. We also exchanged songs from each other’s countries, and it was funny when we introduced them to dangdut!

Each presentation lasts approximately 20 minutes and is followed by a QnA session from both Student Chapters. From the explanation, we know that the work program of each organization looks very different. AIChE ITBA is very focused on professionalism and education, while AIChE ITS SC focuses on professionalism and the development of other skills, such as mental health, personal branding, and so on. The QnA session lasted approximately 1 hour and the event closed around 10 pm.

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