Issue Awareness Webinar: AIChE ITS X Social Connect  Overthinking Leads to Mental Health

Jakarta, 18 October 2021 — Mental health is important because it affects a person’s health and personal life. In order to increase knowledge about mental health and overcome overthinking during the pandemic, AIChE ITS SC collaborated with Social Connect in a webinar that discussed mental health with the theme “Overthinking Towards Mental Health”.

This webinar was held online on Saturday, October 16, 2021, through the Zoom Meetings online platform. In this activity, special topics were raised regarding the introduction of mental health, the relationship of overthinking to mental health, and the impact of mental health damage.

At the end of the presentation, the speaker gave several ways to adjust during the pandemic so as not to experience excessive overthinking which can damage mental health. After the presentation of the material, a question and answer session was held to ensure participants’ understanding of the material presented.

The purpose of this event is to raise awareness and educate the millennial generation in Indonesia, especially college students and high school students about mental health issues and overthinking, as well as increase public attention about Social Connect as a non-psychological psychology platform on campus.

Conceptors and writers

Written by Aulia Putri Andrika as Media Relations Analyst at Social Connect. The author is under the supervision of the Media & Public Relations Special Project team and this article has been fully reviewed in terms of language and appropriateness of the information context by Jevica Ozora as Social Connect Special Project Leader. Contact directly to revise if there’s any correction in name, place, etc.

About Social Connect

Social Connect is one of the largest mental health communities in Indonesia that build access to health information and mental health knowledge for everyone. Our dream is very simple, which is to create an inclusive Indonesia, where people can talk and discuss mental health without fear of stigma and discrimination.

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