Getting through the pandemic situation, there’s much to focus on. One of the aspects to focus on is the mental health of young generations including high school and university students. Spending time daily on social media or online platforms makes overthinking a common thing. Comparing other people’s achievements and lifestyles or simple things like not catching up with friends may trigger overthinking which lead to unstable mental health conditions.

On 16 October 2021, AIChE’s Outreach and Philanthropy Department held an Issue Awareness Webinar 1.0 with Ms. Putu Getsha Pradnyan Rarasati Mudita, Head of Medical and Research at Social Connect. This event was held to raise awareness of the young generation about overthinking, understanding why overthinking occurs and how to overcome it.

The topic raised in this webinar was “Overthinking: Is It a Good Habit?”. This event reached 300++ participants of various ages and backgrounds who are excited to know about mental health.

This webinar covered key topics such as mental health that discuss the characteristics of people with stable mental health and overthinking which discuss the source of overthinking, the risk of overthinking and how to overcome it. There’s also an interactive session using Mentimeter, where we got to share our own thoughts on the given question. 

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