Due to flexible career paths and large tech-related fields of work, the rapid growth of engineering study becoming more and more prominent. As the new generation of students was born into a technology-saturated world, engineering education is riding a strong wave of popularity. So, what is needed to make an engineering student stand out other than having good comprehension and applicable knowledge regarding our future field of work?

Therefore, on 9th October 2021, AIChE’s External Affairs department conduct an educational webinar regarding the water treatment industry by inviting Mr. Dany Destyawan Anwar, Sales engineer at Nalco Water an Ecolab Company as our notable speaker. This webinar is conducted to expose engineering students to new knowledge and understanding of water treatment as one of the vital branches in the industrial world.

This webinar lifts the topic “Mastering Water Treatment Applications for Industrial Needs” and got 50++ registrants with engineering background studies from all over the world.

In this event, the speaker and audience discuss the all-around water treatment industry starting from water treatment classification, process flow on the water treatment plant, up to water treatment industry prospects for engineers. Also at the end of the event, participants play Kahoot to measure how much participants know about this event.

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