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In this modern era, who isn’t familiar with the oil and gas industry which has been widely discussed. Let’s say the product that has been created and seen in daily life, for example cooking oil. It is also broadly known in this industry that fuel oil has been created. And when talking about this industry, it won’t let go of its life cycle, and we think, how the matter can be created until used or destroyed. Therefore, we will talk about the creation of oil and gas, how it’s processed, and the agenda after mining.

On August 29th, 2021, AIChE ITS SC and ENERKA held a virtual event called “Enershow” with Ganesha R Darmawan from Sr. Drilling Performance & QAQC Engineer at Pertamina EP as the main speaker. This event aims to give a brief overview about what is petroleum engineering, things that petroleum engineers do, and making oil processes.

This event was held online with the topic “Oil & Gas Lifecycle: An Introduction For Non-Petroleum” and attended by approximately 100 participants in zoom and also at live streaming on youtube (can be seen on youtube EnerKlaZ). Also, this event has been participated in by many circles from all around Indonesia.

Started with the introduction of petroleum engineering which means a branch of knowledge that is of special concern about how to search and produce hydrocarbons economically, and this major has been divided into 3 main areas of knowledge, that is Reservoir Engineer, Production Engineer, and Drilling & Intervention Engineer. For example, a Production Engineer has to monitor production activities, evaluate plans for production improvement, and design for stimulation.

And then following the oil and gas lifecycle, the first process is Exploration. After that, continued Development steps from exploration have been done. These steps encompass construction, commissioning, and detailed engineering. If done, continue to Production steps that encompass how to distribute and maintain. The last step is Abandonment that is related to site restoration and remediation. And also, things must be understood in the oil and gas lifecycle are the integrity of the assets and it has to be economic.

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