On October 28th & 29th, 2020, AIChE ITS Student Chapter’s External Affairs Department organized a second industrial oriented discussion webinars with Dr.Ioannis Michaloudis,a Adjunct Professor,Visual Artist,Research Associate at NCSR, Postodctoral research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Dr. Ir. Ahmad Hery Sultoni, M.Eng,CIPM, MQM,a Project HSE at Eni Indonesia Ltd, as our aspeakers. This is why we chose to hold this series of webinars to connect industrial experts with students from all over indonesia with a main goal of educating students with their knowledge and expertise in their specific fields of work. 

The discussion was held online with our main topics about “Pioneering Aerogel Silica into Visual Arts and Design“ for the first day by Dr. Ioannis Michaloudis and “Managing Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas Industry” for the second day by Dr. Ahmad Hery Sultoni. It was attended by 58 participants from universities all across Indonesia.

The first day of the webinar series discuss about :

1. His Research Background

2. The NASA’s nanomaterial silica aerogel

3. Overview of 18 Years of aer Sculptures

4. Art & Science process for the creation of the aerogel

5. SkyPrints & Skydrop

6. MoonArk project: 2 aer Sculptures on the Moon

Silica aerogel is the lightest solid and the best insulation on our planet.Silica aerogel prepared by condensation reaction of a silicon alkoxide and water.in making an aerogel,there is a process called sol-gel process. the process of it are as follows:

1. Monomers and catalyst dissolved in solvent

2. Particle formation begins

3. Particles link,forming a three dimensional network

4. Pore spaces filled with solvent

5. Must dry without colapsing nanopores

6. After drying,pore spaces filled with air

The second day of the webinar series discuss about the Oil and Gas Industry.The Oil and Gas Industry is divided into three sectors:Upstream,Midstream and Downstream.The economic impacts of oil and gas activities affect the direct,such as the value of oil and gas production, and indirect value creation,such as purchase of materials,services and supplies locally.The Oil and Gas field life cycle has 4 stages: Exploration, appraisal, Development, Production, Decommissioning.

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