As an organization that aims to improve its membersprofessionalism, we believe that professional development starts as early as the first years of university, as universities are packed with platforms for students to take part in, developing various skills along the way. While most of these platforms will hold their own recruitment process, requiring students to have their own CVs to apply, we want to provide our members with knowledge on how to create the best CVs to present themselves with.

On October 16th, 2020, AIChE ITS student Chapter’s Media and Branding Department organized a “Creative Class Webinar” with Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Al-Barsyi, Chemical Engineering ITS as our speaker. Even though he’s a student of Chemical Engineering ITS, Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Al-Barsyi is experienced in Antasena as Non-Technical Manager, VISDEV HIMATEKK as educator, enterprise in graphic design Tridiku, and internship as Process Engineer in PT. Samator. Which is why we chose to hold the event “Creative CV Making for Applying to Organizations“to broaden up the view of today’s students that creating a creative and organized CV can increase the chances of being accepted in organizations and to share knowledge about how to use graphic design software in making creative CV.

The discussion was held online with our main topic about “Creative CV Making for Applying to Organizations“.

It was attended by 51 participants from universities all across Indonesia. The main topic discussed in this event was Curriculum Vitae and how to make it interesting in creative way.

From the discussion, we learned that Curriculum Vitae is a document that is generally prepared or requested when applying for a work, organization, or being a part of an event. Curriculum Vitae contains personal data along with your experiences, rewards, and abilities. 

-The various kinds of CV, those are formal CV and creative CV. 

– The important content in the CV are personal data, headlines, experiences, achievements, and skills that you have.

– There are several things that you must pay attention to when making a CV:

1. CV cannot be more than 2 pages long. 

2. Use a formal font, like Arial, Monserat, etc., and use your best photos.

3. Avoid Graphics and Ratios. 

4. Pay attention to the naming of your CV file.

5. lastly, don’t forget the etiquette of sending email.

Written by: Dian Samparia dan Stanley Abel

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