Saturday (11/16/2019), AIChE ITS SC (American Institute of Chemical Engineers ITS Student Chapter) held IOD 1.0 (Industrial Oriented Discussion : Pursuing Career in Multinational Corporations 1.0) at theater B ITS with Fiona Rossi Ramadhani as Production Section Head Sorbitol and Maltitol and Iccha Petsiwi from PT. Cargill Indonesia as Talent Acquistion Specialist as speakers.

There were 3 topics with 4 sessions in it, the first topic was about “How to make a Curriculum Vitae (CV) to apply a job”. Mrs. Icha said the CV must be readable, what she meant was to avoid design intricacies that might reduce readability. Making CV has to be more specific to jobs position that you want and add relevant achievements includes a short info and also using correct terminologies and avoid irrelevant info. Personal info should be in front of the CV sheets and most of the photos CV use formal outfit to make it more professional and more importantly we have to know our CV. This topic is really important for us to pay attention more on our CV.

The second topic was a preparation for interview, the tips that have been given from the speaker were when you are going to do an interviews use proper outfit, avoid flashy colours, strong odours, too much accessories and don’t use casual wear because you need to look proffessional. Honesty is the main point in the interview, make sure you know about your interviewing company like their culture, preference and social norms. Prepare the basic question, don’t memorize it but don’t be clueless. Avoid gimmick graphics and use Objective statement, it means a short summary on what you are, what you can do and what you can offer.  And then, she also mentioned be aware of others because semo HR’s use practical tests to know of your personality. You can ask some question to show that you enthusiast and cooperative but you must avoid questions that might make you look ignorant. Interviews are not just companies getting to know employees, but employees knowing companies. A two way chemistry. Last, don’t forget to follow up, ask beforehand on how long should you wait to ask for an update.

The third topic is working at multi national company. Mrs. Fiona said that you learn many things from working at multi national company, like you make yourself to be an open minded person you learned about diversity, confident, competitive and cooperative person. You also can learn that there is no one man show. Mrs. Fiona also say about bussiness etiquette, you must be on time, be polite (sit when asked, turn off phones, dont ask for refreshments or permission to smoke). In bussiness etiqutte you must show positive and friendly attitude. Don’t forget to pay attention to body language (avoid fidgeting and slack-sitting).

From this event, we have to always be prepared for everything that will come in the world of workplaces, especially for applying job..

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