On Sunday, 31st of March 2019, AIChE ITS SC held yet another event from Professional Engineering Month, this time its about Bid and Tender. This event is sponsored by PUSTEK E&T and Petrokimia Gresik, and supported by BKKPII PDAM Surabaya, and ALTEKIMITS. The event is the fifth of the workshop, being one before the last workshop.

For this subtheme, AIChE ITS SC invited Mr. Arief Wisnu Cahyono, a water filtering and waste management expert, who is also the head of ALTEKIMITS in east java.

In this occasion, Mr. Wisnu shared his knowledge regarding the process of bid and tender; about requesting items and equipments, how should a supplier respond to them, and the laws regarding the acticity. All of the participants are active to ask and interested in knowing, thankfully Mr. Wisnu himself is quite an erudite!

After the course, sadly the event must come to an end. Not forgetting the souvenir, Mr Hazairin gave some souvenirs to thank Mr. Wisnu for his time with us.

Closing the event, Mr. Wisnu with all of the staff and participants come together to make a memoriam of their Sunday. It all ended with joy and lunch together before going back to home.

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