On Sunday, 24th of March 2019, AIChE ITS SC held an event titled Professional Engineering Month : Water Purification Unit. This event is supported by PUSTEK E&T, BKKPII, and ALTEKIMITS. The event is one of a series of workshop, which theme ranged from Engineering Ethic to Project Management.

For this subtheme, AIChE ITS SC invited two speakers : Mr. Erinaldi Yasni as DowDuPont Specialty Product Sales Manager and Mr. Hafiz As’ad as DowDuPont Specialty Product Technical Service and Development Manager.

Mr. Hafiz in front of audience explaining Membrane Filtration

In the first session, Mr. Hafiz gave detail explanation about filtration spectrum and their principles (ranging from microfilter, nanofilter, ultrafilter, and reverse osmosis), membrane operation modes, membrane configuration, and their application in industry. He also explained how to design filtration unit based on the code and standard.

Nadhila, as vice president of AIChE ITS SC with Mr. Hafiz

After prayer and lunch break, the second session was started with Mr. Erinaldi. He gave explanation about typical resin application, resin type, resin synthesis method, and simplified version of calculating required resin surface area. The session was finally closed by short introduction of WAVE Software and QnA session.

Nadhila, as vice president of AIChE ITS SC with Mr. Erinaldi.
Group photo of all participant and speaker.

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