On 28th February 2019, AIChE ITS SC, in colaboration with ALTEKIMITS and BKK-PII Jawa timur, held a Worksop titled “Professional Engineering Month: Indonesian Engineer Ethic and Certification”. PEM (short for Professional Engineering Month) is an event in order to spread, improve, and raise awareness for professional engineering development. This event is intended for third- and fourth-year Chemical Engineering Student, because the Learning outcome of the event is tailored to current engineering challenge in Indonesia.

For the subtheme “Indonesian Engineering Ethic and Certification”, AIChE ITS SC invited Mr. Prof. Daniel M. Rosyid as speaker. He is a member of Ethic Council in PII (Majelis Kehormatan Etik PII), and a fulltime lecturer in Ocean Engineering Department. Mr. Daniel explained how important ethic is, why engineer should understand both ethical and technical problem, and few violations of Professional Ethic. In addition, He also explained how Indonesian Engineering law, how to be a good Professional Engineer, and Indonesian Professional Engineering Certification. The session was closed with QnA session.

After the QnA session, Mr. Daniel challenged the participant to write a paper about common ethic violation in daily life from chemical engineering perspective. He gave a month period for all participant. Furthermore, He also offered three prizes for three best paper.
PEM will be held from February 28th until April 14th with various topic ranging from Designing Separator equipment to Feasibility Study. All event will be held as lecture, discussion group, or Study case session.

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