Calculator is a usefull tools for engineer. This post will be briefly explain how to store variable and do linear reggresion in calculator.
Storing number as a variable in calculator is helpfull if you calculate an equation with lot of variable, such as Enthalpy, Antoiene Equation, ETC. Most calculator can handle up to 8 variable (A-F + X&Y). To use this function, use (STO) then the variable to store the number in screen as variable!.
Linear reggresion is a statistical analsis that allow us to study relationship between two quantitative variable as linear equation (y = mx + c or y = A +Bx). This method are commonly used to determine reaction order based on Concentration and time data.
First thing you want to do is determine which is independent and dependent variable. I.E. you have C vs t data, you want to check wether it is a first order reaction.
the first order reaction equation : ln (Ct) = ln (C0) – kt
you can see the equation above is analog wih y = mx + c, with t as x, and ln(Ct) as y
Change your calculator mode to stats, choose linear. input ln(Ct) as y, and t as x. clear the screen, go to [Stats] menu, choose regression, and viola, you can see regression constant!
to determine wether the data fit with you regression curve, check the r value!
if it near 1, the data fit with the curve.

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